To organic or to not organic?

Organic vs. Not Organic

 What’s the difference?

Organic foods are those that are grown or produced without the use of growth hormones, antibiotics, genetic modification orchemical pesticides. Organic farming practices are are more environmentally sustainable than non organic.

Non organic food is grown or produced with the assistance growth hormones, antibiotics, genetic modification or chemical pesticides and the farming practices used are not as environmentally sustainable as organic.

Natural food is not the same as organic, it means that no artificial or chemical additives have been added to the food for example instead of using red food colouring beetroot pigment is used.

Australia has National Standards to limit what food products can or cannot call themselves organic these can be read here.

Is organic better for me?

Food that is classified as organic is not necessarily higher in nutrients than non organic food. A number of studies completed on the benefits of consuming a diet high in organic foods found no significant difference in health benefits when compared to the same diet made up of inorganic foods.

What’s the point?

Eating organic food over non organic food may not provide your body with more nutrients but has been shown to reduce exposure to pesticides, antibiotics and other chemicals used to grow inorganic foods.

Is it worth it? 

Organic food is expensive and to date the evidence does not point towards many nutritional benefits when compared to inorganic foods. In saying that there are benefits to the environment and a decrease in chemicals you are putting into your body.

I believe eating organic should be a personal choice and for some people it may not be an option due to the expense.

Jess xx

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