Are you really too busy to exercise or eat well…or is it just an excuse?

Sometimes I have weeks where I will work crazy hours or sometimes I am just really tired, for no particular reason.

During these times it is so hard to even contemplate chopping a vegetable, let alone going to the gym or cooking up a healthy meal.

When you feel like this it is okay to relax and take some time out. It’s when it becomes a regular occurrence that it becomes unhealthy behavior.

I have had many people say to me in the past “I want to loose weight, exercise or eat better but I am just too busy”.

I always respond by telling them that you can’t be too busy to look after your health.

Health needs to be a priority, it needs to be scheduled into your life like going to work or brushing your teeth.

Today I am going to share with you a few of my tips for looking after yourself on a busy schedule

1. Set SMART goals

Each month I set some goals and check in on my old ones.

These need to be SMART (see link) so that they are easily achievable and you can measure your success.

If I don’t achieve my goals one month I will redo them to suit my circumstances the next month.

2. Sunday prep day

Every Sunday my partner and I go to the supermarket and stock up on food for the week.

We spend about an hour chopping up and roasting vegetables, marinating and grilling chicken breast or thigh fillets, boiling rice and pasta and portioning out yoghurt, oats and berries for breakfasts.


After this all our food for the week is ready and portioned into containers in the fridge.

All it takes is 1-2 hours a week and you have healthy food ready, which means no excuse to go through the drive through or pick up some take away on the way home!

3. Scheduling in exercise

Each week I aim to do 4-5 different types of excercise. I schedule these in so that they are a priority and I usually don’t miss them unless I am unwell or feeling really drained.

On the other days I tried to organize walks with friends or family so that I still have some social time to vent!


In saying this you don’t need to do full on exercise, if you are too busy to go to the gym then go for a 15 minute walk twice a day at work on your breaks, something is better than nothing!

4. Having ME time

Each week I make sure that I have some time to check in with myself. Sometimes I write in my journal, listen to music, do a different activity or watch some trash TV. Whatever helps you to reset and calm your mind.


If you don’t take time out for yourself then you will be less productive in other aspects of your life.

If you can relate to this post then there are two choices that can be made:

1. You can make a change which initially may be harder, but in the end beneficial for your health

2. You can continue on and not make a change,  and hope that your health wont be effected

It’s up to you. But I hope this post has helped open your eyes to how easy it is to include healthy eating and exercise in a busy lifestyle.

Jess xx


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  1. sarah-jane Clarkson says:

    Great advice Jess… Especially the me time!


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