You don’t have to hate yourself to achieve health!

I have worked in weight loss for 3 years, and have also been on my own journey in the past (loosing 12kg).


What I have learnt over this time is that it is much more effective to accept your body how it is, instead of loathing it and obsessing over the number on the scales.

By listening to your body, eating when you are hungry and doing exercise because you enjoy it, you  can be happy, whilst maintaining or achieving a healthy weight.

The Non-Diet Approach and Health At Every Size otherwise known as HAES

The reason I am so passionate about this approach to weight management is that it replicates normal eating habits and incorporates mindfulness, self acceptance and self esteem.

There is no extreme or unnecessary restriction of food, which means there is less chance of developing disordered eating.

A shift in mentality

Instead of focusing on what the number on the scales says or what size you want to be, take a look at how you can love your current body.

I have personally worked on loving my own body, diminishing negative self talk and allowing myself everything in moderation.

By accepting my body the way it is I feel more confident, and I am so much happier day to day, which propels me to look after my health by eating well and exercising. (instead of restricting food and overdoing exercise to reach an unrealistic number on the scales)

Instead of following a rigid exercise plan I participate in physical activity that I enjoy like yoga, Pilates, running, netball and circuit classes.

I also find that I now listen to my own personal hunger cues, instead of eating out of boredom or due to emotion.

By doing these things I am happier within myself and my weight has been maintained.

What can you gain from this approach?

By listening to your body, valuing physical cues such as hunger and fullness, enjoying exercise and accepting your body the way that it is, it is possible to develop a trust within yourself.

This trust will result in less self criticism, increased self acceptance and increased overall health and well-being.

If you love yourself, you are more likely to treat your body well and nourish it with the right types of food and movement.

Below I have posted a few links for those who are interested in this approach, if you need help then don’t hesitate to see a Accredited Practicing Dieititan

Dr Rick Kausman

University of New Hampshire

Health Not Diets

HAES Community

Jess xx



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  1. Ellen says:

    Jessi this is fantastic!


  2. lyn says:

    Such a good philosophy.

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  3. Emma says:

    You go girl! x I have some similar before and afters also!


  4. Emma says:

    You go girl! X I have some similar before and after photos too!


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