Pasta with fetta, dill and lemon

Pasta with fetta, dill and lemon

A nice fresh pasta for summer!



High Fibre Pasta (to serve 4)

Bunch of dill, chopped

1 lemon, juiced

120g low fat fetta, crumbled

Chopped vegetables of your choice, I used tomato, carrot, zucchini and roast pumpkin


1. Stir fry vegetables in a pan until adequately cooked/soft

2. Bring a large saucepan to the boil and cook pasta according to packet instructions

3. Place dill, crumbled fetta and lemon juice in a large salad bowl

4. Once cooked drain pasta and place in bowl in the dill, fetta and lemon juice

5. Add vegetables and mix

6. Makes 4 servings


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