Are you sabotaging someones ability to become healthier?

Are you sabotaging someones ability to make healthy changes?

Have you ever experienced the pressure from someone close to you pushing you to eat more or have another slice when you just don’t feel like it.

I have and it sucks.

Especially when you are just listening to your hunger cues or  trying make a healthier choice.

I hear it all the time. Clients and friends come to me stressed because they have made a healthy choice or stopped eating when they were full but a family member, partner or friend pressured them into eating more. This type of pressure also happens with exercise.

I notice it often as I tend to prefer healthier options when out for a meal. I will receive comments like “its only one night out”or “you are on holidays its okay to eat unhealthy foods “(I actually get more enjoyment out of a piece of salmon and vegetables than a chicken parmigiana-if I feel like something a bit heavier then I will eat it.)

If someone wants to make a healthy choice then that’s okay! Don’t bombard them with with excuses as to why they should abandon their values.

Let them be.

It goes both ways too, if your friend, partner etc wants to overindulge don’t give them a hard time.

If you have experienced these kind of pressures, then stand up for yourself. Be confident in your choices and the fact that your values may be different from someone else’s. As I always say if you want a salad eat a salad, if you want some cake eat it! Just make sure it is all in moderation.

And if you are the pressuring type, stop. Support your friends and family and their choices.

Jess xx


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