There is not such thing as “good” or “bad” foods!

Are there some foods that you feel out of control around?  I bet this out of control feeling grows stronger when you tell yourself these foods are bad or that they aren’t allowed to be eaten. I know for one thing if someone tells me I can’t have something I suddenly want it a whole lot more!

A good word for these foods is “buzz foods“. These foods get stuck in your head and wont go away until you eat them. For example you may be sitting on the couch at night and the idea of eating some chocolate may be buzzing around in your head constantly until you finally eat it. Or those biscuits in the tin at work that you promised yourself you wouldn’t eat this week calling to you throughout the day.

So why certain foods?

These “buzz foods” are a result of years of dietary restriction. By consistently telling yourself that you can’t have bread, or chocolate or ice-cream you are depriving yourself of the satisfaction of eating it until you can’t stand it anymore and may end up bingeing or eating excessive amounts of said “buzz food”.

So how do I get rid of this buzzing in my brain you ask?

Simple, allow yourself the satisfaction of enjoying these foods.

Not eating your “buzz foods” basically places them on a  pedestal, you may end up bingeing on them because you believe they taste amazing. But do they really? If you stopped to eat them mindfully maybe they wouldn’t taste so great after all.

So I challenge you to give up the labels of good and bad that you place on foods. Tell yourself that it is okay to eat and enjoy your “buzz food“. Think about it, most people don’t crave lettuce because most people don’t eliminate it from their diet or ban themselves from eating it. By allowing our ‘buzz food” as we would other foods we remove the label and the obsession with eating it.

Make it available in your house and at work and eat it whenever you feel like it.

Initially you may overeat, but after time as you are now allowing this food into your diet it will loose its label. You will become aware that if you feel like eating your “buzz food” you can, at any time and binges will cease. By normalizing your “buzz food” you will find that it will loose its affect and you will feel more in control around it in the future.

So take the challenge and see if you can eliminate the labels that you place on foods.

Jess xx


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