Migraines, eczema, hayfever and bloating? Could be a food chemical intolerance.

I often have clients who come to me so fed up. They are sick of migraines, stomach cramps, eczema, headaches the list goes on (even a family history of these could be an indicator).

Unfortunately for these kind of symptoms a dietitian can be a last resort as people often don’t relate their discomfort to food.

It is important to first get the all clear from your doctor but when this is done it might be worth getting a referral to see a dietitian for a possible Food Chemical Intolerance.

The thing about food chemical intolerances is that everyone reacts differently and may be affected by different amounts, so initially it can be hard to pinpoint an exact cause.

A dietitian can help pinpoint problematic food chemicals by trailing an elimination diet. 


Your body can’t tell the difference between natural food chemicals (these occur in all foods) and common food additives (made in a lab). Most foods vary in their chemical make up but there are 3 substances that are most likely to upset someone with an intolerance: Salicylates, amines and glutamate.


These are found in a range of foods in differing amounts the most commonly irritating food chemicals include:

Salicylates: in many fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and spices, spreads and beverages such as coffee, beer and wine

Amines: These are produced from a breakdown of protein in food and are usually found in “aged” foods such as ripe fruits, mature meat and cheeses, sauces and fermented products

Glutamate: Is an amino acid (building block of proteins), it enhances the flavor of food for example MSG and foods such as soy, meat extract and yeast extracts contain high amounts.


An Accredited Practicing Dietitian can assess the severity of your symptoms and place you on an Elimination diet for a period of time. Once you have had 5 days symptom free they will then teach you how to reintroduce food by completing a series of “challenges”.

If you think that you might be suffering from a food chemical intolerance then don’t hesitate to discuss this with your doctor and book an appointment with a dietitian.

Jess xx

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