How to beat a lack of motivation and the winter blues.

What is it that prevents us from making the changes that we want to make to our life?

Whether it be eating a little bit better, moving more, writing in our journal or sticking to our budget. Why do we find it so hard to stick to behaviours that will benefit us in the long run and result in us ultimately reaching our goals?

I have recently struggled with this since the cold winter weather has set in. I find it harder to get out and exercise even though I know that I will feel a hell of a lot better if I do get out there and move. I even struggle with small things like cooking myself a healthy meal when I get home from work, its dark and I am tired.

I speak to so many people every day who tell me they are fed up with X or Y and really want to change it but for some reason they keep self-sabotaging themselves (at times we are our own worst enemy). I also speak to so many people who are so motivated to change but they tend to put everything and everyone first instead of taking time out for themselves.

Is if you are not happy within yourself, if you don’t take care of you and spend time doing things that make you happy then how can you care for other people?

What is the point of spending each week waiting for the weekend or waiting for a holiday you have booked, when all the while you are forgetting to enjoy each day and missing all the small things.

So I challenge myself and you to go home and put aside an hour, write down some goals for yourself for the rest of the year. These could be as small as ‘see my friends more’ or ‘have date night with your partner once a week.’

It could be to ‘go for a run with the dog once a week’ or ‘meditate for 5 minutes each morning.’ Whatever it is schedule it in. Weekly. Just make some time for yourself.

When it comes to behavior change you have two choices here, you can either choose to keep wishing and hoping something changes on its own, living for the weekend or the next big holiday you have planned. Or you can learn to find some ME time each day where you can feel happy and thankful for the life you have. Tick off some of those goals that list that you have been putting off for so long.

We are in charge of our life and only we can make the changes that we so greatly want.

One hour in each day to journal, meditate, exercise, cook a meal or take care of yourself and your piece of mind is not a lot to ask.

Below I have linked you to some apps that have assisted me in my winter struggle to get small things done for myself.

The Calm App: it is great for relaxing before bed or meditating in the morning a really easy way to get some calm in your day.

The Any Do app is a fantastic app that links in with your calendar, daily to do list and contacts it also syncs up with missed calls in your phone so you remember to call people back. Each morning a box pops up asking you to plan your day and tick off tasks you have completed. I add in things like a gym class I want to do, someone I want to e-mail or even work tasks I need to complete.



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  1. These are great apps, thanks for the recommendations. I particularly like the calm app.


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