5 Healthy Snack Ideas

When running supermarket tours I often find that people tell me that they have no idea what to choose as a snack to prevent them from overeating during the day.
They find it hard to tell the healthy products from the unhealthy ones. There is so much “healthy looking” packaging on the shelf as well as confusing claims such as “low fat” and “sugar free”.
To make it easy I have compiled a list of my 6 favorite healthy snack ideas to keep you full for longer and prevent that afternoon energy slump.
1. Carmens and Be Natural mueslie bars (avoid those coated with chocolate and yoghurt): these bars are a great and filling addition to your lunchbox. They are packed full of fibre, nuts, seeds and real fruit and contain much less sugar than other brands. They are sure to keep you full and prevent a sugar cravings later in the day
2. Vegetable sticks with a small tub of hommus: this is another snack packed full of fibre and protein that also helps you to increase your vegetable consumption throughout the day
3. Low fat yoghurt such as Chobani, Jalna or Forme’. These yoghurts are low in fat, contain protein,fruit and provide you with a dairy serve! Be sure to check the ingredients list as some may contain added sugar (the higher up on the list the more that is in the product).
4. Medium piece of fruit and a handful of nuts: high fibre and protein containing snack that includes a fruit serve!
5.  Wholegrain crackers with cottage cheese/tuna, tomato and spinach: fiber, vegetables and protein what more could you want to keep your taste buds satisfied. Make sure you don’t overdo it though 3-4 crackers is a good snack size!
Get your snack on!

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