5 Healthy Fun Things To Do With Friends…(that don’t involve food or alcohol)

We all enjoy going out for brunch or a few drinks on the weekend. Sometimes though I find that I am so sick of eating out all the time. Next time someone wants to hang out why not plan something different. Here are a few of my fav’s in Melbourne, Australia.
1. 1,000 Steps: Grab a buddy head down Dandenong way to the 1,000 steps. Do them as many times as you can as fast or as slow as you want. Even better pack a healthy homemade picnic that you can share at the end of your trek. Check it out here.
2. Rock climbing: There are a crazy amount of indoor and outdoor rock climbing facilities throughout Victoria. Get onto Google and find one near you!
3. Bounce: an activity that kids and parents can enjoy. These are rooms covered in trampolines where you can bounce around, shoot a basketball or play dodge ball. I have been here a few times and 100% worked up a sweat.
4. Ashcombe Maze: home to Australia’s oldest and largest traditional hedge maze. They also have the first circular rose maze of its kind in the world featuring 1200 rose bushes specifically chosen for their colour and perfume, and over 40 varieties of Lavender. Ashcombe Maze has a fully licensed café and garden terrace on-site along with a gift shop featuring a range of lavender inspired beauty products and gourmet foods.
5. Painball. I am sure no one is a stranger to this adrenaline filled fun activity. Get the heart rate up and work up a sweat running away from your friends as they shoot paintballs at you!
So what are you waiting for? Get active!

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  1. madetoorder says:

    Great post! I’ve been feeling the same way; every time I want to hang out with friends I feel like its either going out to eat or drinking. Thanks for the great ideas!

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