8 tricks to get those fussy eaters to try fruit and veg.

Something that I quite often get questions about is fussy eaters. So I thought I would put together some tricks that I have seen work.
  1. Offer a food up to 10 times before you give up: most parents only offer foods 2 or 3 times before giving up. Don’t despair keep at it research shows that if you persist you will succeed!
  2. Trust that children are in tune with their hunger cues: Children are very intuitive when they come to eating and unless they are unwell will not starve themselves. Kids tend to be grazers so as long as they seem happy and energetic they should be fine.
  3. Allow children to help prepare meals: if they are involved in the preparation stage they are much more likely to eat them
  4. Be a good role model: if you are a fussy eater it is most likely that your child will be, ensure they sit at the table with you and you eat a variety of foods. Monkey see monkey do.
  5. Try offering different foods from the same food group for example if they don’t like cheese try offering yoghurt.
  6. Get cut outs, fruit and vegetables are great to use to make different shapes, make a game out of it and create a pitcure with all your different shapes and then eat it!
  7. Try offering similar colour foods together: for example if your child likes tomatoes try offering capsicum at the same time
  8. Have a theme night each night:  Monday is the day to try an orange food, Tuesday green etc and let the child choose which colour they would like to try
Hopefully you can get those little fussy monsters to try some new veggies this week!
Jess xx
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