Brunching in Hammersmith


One day in Spain after visiting a wine festival in the middle of Haro (literally a tiny little town) I met two Australians on the train to San Sebastian, who had both been living in London for the past 2 years.

Amongst swapping travelling experiences I expressed my one true fear of moving to London. I have been warned that  I may not have any good coffee for the next two years. Luckily they pointed me in the right direction. Truth Cafe in Hammersmith.


Walking along the street you can’t miss it due to all the hipsters with man buns and French bulldogs lining up out the front (and we all know that hipsters means good coffee.)

My friend and I got the ‘Vegimightie’ and ‘Smashed Avo’ (what else?) both for around 7 pounds each. For London that is a bargain!


The fact that my soy latte was actually made from Bonsoy (joooyyy!) and that it also had the perfect balance of coffee and milk was another tick for this fine establishment.

All in all Truth Cafe had a great vibe, awesome wait staff, great coffee and the food was pretty good for the price.



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